Career Aptitude Resources

Hey all!
Check out this neat link for career and personality tests! It also has lots of information on getting a job, interviews (which might be good for college), and career planning! This will be especially useful to my Honors class, whose presentation is about your future goals.

Have fun, and feel free to approach/email me with any questions!


Study Island

Hey all,

I am adding a Study Island assignment called “NWEA Prep” which will have many different sections, and be available to all 8th grade students. Please complete some topics, print off the questions, (minimum 10 questions each) and come see me Monday, Wednesday, or Friday after school to go over problem questions and things you need work on.

Text Structures Practice

Hey all!

So text structures and quoting are two very difficult tasks when it comes to breaking down non fiction. As we near the NWEA and the end of the year, I’d like for you guys to consider how you personally did on those skills. Do you know strategies for discovering text structure? How confident do you feel when it comes to choosing a quote to support your ideas?

Take a look at the following article and try to analyze at least 3 different types of structures (compare and contrast, problem and solution, cause and effect, main idea and details, chronological order or sequencing) and identify quotes to demonstrate how you know which type of structure is being used in that section of the text. HINT: Think back to centers week 4! You should write or type out a brief answer and bring it to me after school on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday of this week to discuss.