Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a detailed list of sources and an analysis of their content and reliability. It typically describes what type of source is being used and what one can gain from it. For this assignment, you must compile an annotated bibliography. You should site each source in MLA. To help you with this, I recommend using the Purdue Owl.

Cite a source as below:
“Ghettos: Animated Map/Map.” The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. USHMM, n.d. Web. March 18, 2015. <>

Then, describe the content of the site and what you learned from it:
This source is a map showing all of the ghettos in occupied Europe and when they were developed. This map shows the countries in Europe as we know them today, and also shows which countries had been taken over by Germany and which countries were allied with Germany. Additionally, the map includes a small paragraph about what a ghetto is and how the Nazis used ghettos to enclose and starve out Jewish populations. The paragraph discusses how the ghettos were used in the systematic elimination of Jewish populations.

From this source, I can learn what a ghetto was and also what it was used for. A ghetto was a place where Jews were forced to live under bad conditions while they awaited termination by the Nazis. Some were starved, while other ghettos were transported entirely to death camps and concentration camps. I think that this map is also useful for knowing where the Nazis put most of their ghettos. Most were in Poland, and I know from the museum that Poland had a much larger population of Jews than did Germany. I can also know that as 1944 approached, the Nazis established more and more ghettos in an effort to eliminate all Jews. I still wonder how/when the ghettos were closed down, and it doesn’t describe much about life in the ghettos; however, I can see that the Nazi effort to terminate the Jewish population was organized, calculated, and widespread.

Now let’s try one together using the following link:


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