Mrs. G’s Sample Essay


School and war have a lot of things in common. They both involve small battles that lead one to a larger aim or goal. There are obviously differences, but both school and war cause people to grow and change. I hope to use my experiences to change and procrastinate less in school. Similarly, in the novel The Forever War, the main character William Mandella changes because of his experiences in war. While my changes won’t be as severe as his, we have both gone through things that have caused us to change or need to change. Experiences can cause people to change for the better or for the worse, as in school, or in the war in the novel The Forever War.

Body Paragraph 1:

Personally, I realize that this year I need to change my bad habit of procrastination. In the past, procrastinating has been a serious problem of mine, especially when I have a lot on my plate. I tend to put off what I have to do, while it still sits on my mind and causes me stress. The more work I have, the more I put it off until the last second. This causes me a lot more stress, and I believe that it makes me less effective at my job. This year, I want to stop waiting until the very last minute to do everything. I will grade assignments within two days of receiving them, and I will use my time wisely to plan and get work done on time. I want to do this so that my students have a better experience in my class, and so I can be less stressed out. I also think it will help me to get more organized in the rest of my life as well. My negative experiences with stress and frustration have caused me to realize that I need to procrastinate less this year.

Body Paragraph 2:

In the novel The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, the protagonist, William, experiences a change in how he treats people and feels about others. William Mandella is a soldier in a space war in the future. While at war, he learns a lot of things about life and about people that change him as a person. In the beginning of the novel, he accepts things the way that they are. He doesn’t seem to care about much. By the end of the novel, he starts to take things more seriously and fight for what he wants. For example, he starts the novel sleeping around with a lot of different women. He doesn’t really care or get jealous when they are with other men. “I was fine with the typical sleeping arrangements,” he says at a point, referring to the fact that men and women sleep around every night (52). However, he engages in combat with a woman named Marygay and the two of them grow very close after losing a lot of their comrades. Marygay also experiences a severe injury when their ship takes a hit from the enemy, and William realizes how much he cares for her during this time. “My heart beat wildly in my chest as I searched the room for any sign of Marygay,” he comments when he realizes that she has been injured (136). These major experiences teach him about his feelings and he ends up working very hard to be able to stay with Marygay.

Body Paragraph 3 (Required Only For Honors):

My personal revolution and William Mandella’s revolution in the novel are similar in many ways. We have had experiences that made us realize that we needed to change. For me, stress and missed opportunities made me realize that I need to stop procrastinating. For William, almost losing the girl that he loved made him realize that he wanted to be with her. In both cases, negative experiences cause someone to change their ways.


In conclusion, one’s experiences often cause them to realize that they need to change. Typically, having a negative experience changes a person, or makes them realize that they need to change themselves. For me, my constant stress and frustration made me realize that I need to stop procrastinating. I will take steps to make this better so that I don’t have to experience the stress anymore. For William in the novel, almost losing Marygay made him realize that he loved her. Sometimes we need to be shaken up in order to realize the things that are going on around us.


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