Summer Reading Work

Hey all! Grades are just about up to date and I encourage you to take a look at your current grade in my class. I do my best to update grades in a timely and accurate manner. That being said, I am human and sometimes make mistakes. Never hesitate to speak to me about any concerns or issues with your entered assignments, especially if you have an assignment marked missing that you think you turned in. Usually, that means that you need to look for it on the no-name pile.

Now, all of that being said, I have some good news/bad news. I said in class that I would be posting Summer Reading grades this weekend, but having seen the impact that they will have on some peoples’ grades, I have decided to wait until everyone has had an opportunity to make up the missing work or complete absent work before I enter the grades. I want everyone to start the year feeling successful and not too buried by their choices over the summer. That being said, if you have questions about your Summer Reading grades, always feel free to send me an email or stop by. Assignments can be found at:

I have really enjoyed looking at your summaries of critical literacy, and I look forward to starting our adventure on Monday. 🙂


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