Welcome/First Week Updates

Hello all 8th Grade Parents/Guardians/Students!

I have really enjoyed these first three days working with you all, and I hope that you have, too. I want to provide you all with a little bit of information before we get the ball rolling for the year.

First and foremost, I will do my best to update the blog as often as I can, but I may initiate a class blogger to update at the end of the day. Like other class roles, the blogger will have to interview, and will have certain ‘job perks’ to go along with her/his added responsibility. Check here for extra credit work, updates on major assignments, and anecdotal information from class.

Today’s big message was this: if you are ever feeling unsuccessful in my class, please communicate your needs to me. I am not a mind-reader, and I need to know when you need additional time/help/resources. Please feel free to email me or come talk to me whenever you may need.

Additionally, I will do my best to provide regular updates via text message. The links to sign up are located below. MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASS PERIOD:

Per. 1 & 2:

Per. 4 & 5:

Per. 7 & 8:


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