Week 2 Assignments Posted

Wow! Overall, week 1 was very successful. Many people are learning to use the forum and interacting with one another in a mature and fun way. Kudos (good job) to all of you for your hard work so far! Just a note: email me with urgent questions, as I am able to check my email more often than I can log into the forum. I have also really enjoyed being able to see what you all are capable of. I feel that I am already learning about some of your strengths and areas where we need work. It has been awesome to communicate with you all in this way!

Week 2 assignments have now been posted. I am responding (slowly but surely) to week 1 vocabulary assignments and have already graded all of the discussion posts. If you have a question about your grades at any time, please send me an email and I would be happy to help out!

Now, tomorrow starts the dreaded task of reaching out to parents and guardians of students who have not submitted their posts or vocab assignments for week 1. While I prefer to start of relationships with as much positivity as possible, I don’t want anyone to be surprised when we return in the fall. I also want to make sure that no one is accidentally missing assignments due to misinformation or confusion.

That being said, if you have not already given me your contact info (this goes for both students and parents/guardians), please email it to me ASAP: guyenet@cmsaonline.net. This is not meant just to punish you, but also to keep your scores up.

Please continue to email me with questions and/or issues. Happy reading and writing!


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