Week 1 Assignment Posted

Hey all!

So this week, we are following one important rule of the workplace: keep it simple. Einstein once said something about keeping it simple…can anyone from Too Hype Squad tell me what it was?

Anyhow, the assignments for this week are both posted, and apply to all three groups so that we can avoid mass confusion while people figure out the forum. One big reason that I’m excited about doing this assignment online is that using a new website or new software is very much like problem solving. You need to do something, but can’t figure out how. So you need to use all of your problem-solving skills to figure it out! Some people get nervous in these situations, and that’s okay. Just take a deep breath and remember: no one is going to die. If you can’t figure something out, email me or message a friend.

The questions are: 

1. What are some of the non-fiction text features your text has? How have you/could you have used them?

2. Find one word in the text that you didn’t know before. What is the word? What strategies did you use to figure that out?

Remember to answer the questions on the forum, NOT HERE OR THROUGH MY EMAIL.

You can access the forum at: 8thgradela.proboards.com. Happy reading and writing, y’all! 


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