Generacion Y

Take a look at the following link and read about the popular Cuban alternative blogger. Choose the lexile level on the right that is closest to your lexile level:


Answer the following questions about the article in your Centers packet:

1. Why can’t the newspaper be printed?

2. How will the newspaper be distributed?

3. Why might the writer have chosen to hide the name of the newspaper?

4. Name two ways that the government may try to hinder the newspaper:

5. Describe Law 88:

6. What is a problem with the Castro government, according to the end of the article?

Take a look at the English or Spanish version of one blog post by Yoani Sanchez. Try your best to make sense of her message:

Generacion Y (Spanish)       Generacion Y (English)

7. Do you think that Yoani is heroic? If so, why? If not, why not? Use information from the newsela article as well as the blog post to support your ideas.

Explore her blog if you have extra time! Watch out for profanity and some mild nudity.



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