Fans of Divergent (Especially during Women’s History Month!)

Hey all!

I know Women’s History Month has been really turned down at CMSA. It’s often difficult to decide how to honor such a complicated celebration. I hope all of the young men and women of CMSA have been reflecting on who they are and want to be, and especially thinking about how that compares with what they are expected to be.

I wanted to share with you all this very interesting article I found that I think relates especially well to modern women’s issues, as well as a very popular film and novel. The Divergent series has been especially popular among young women, but a lot of people compare it to a twilight-like love story involving a confused young girl in the throes of young love. CLICK HERE to read an article about how Divergent is an important step in changing and re-imagining how we (as a society) think about women. The article contains spoilers form the movie and a discussion of sexual assault. Ask an adult to read with you.

Both boys and girls have the power to change this situation. As we discuss the media and perspective, I think we should all consider how we’re trained to think about and treat one another. How should women be treated? What can we do about the marginalization of females all over the world?

Enjoy the food for thought and the remainder of your weekend.


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