Figurative Language Review Crazy Fun Day!

Today, we are reviewing old figurative language and having some fun adding new words or words we’ve touched on only once or twice this year. Don’t be afraid to use your notes, your brain, and/or any other resources you might have or can find online. Click the following links, when prompted, to take you to the resources that you will need:

Quizlet Flash Cards
Make sure to click on ‘definition’ on the right hand side

Flocabuary Video
-Use with your chart and to prepare for the mini-quiz!

Learner’s Dictionary
-To help with little things you’re missing

Idiom Quiz
-To practice with some common idioms — quiz a friend or check your own knowledge

Don’t forget to demonstrate maturity and cooperation today, as those are two things I’m looking for in an exploratory learning experience (a day in which you do most of the teaching as well as the learning). I can’t wait to have our super awesome fun figurative language review day!!!


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