The End of Unit 5

As unit 5 winds down and we approach the final hours of the unit, I want to express some of my feelings and encourage you all to respond. First, I’d like to say that I know that this unit has been challenging. We have been analyzing art and poetry for their larger themes, or messages about life, and that is not an easy concept. I have thoroughly enjoyed this exploration with you, and I hope that you have also enjoyed reading some of the more challenging poetry, and have enjoyed exploring the artists that you chose to research. I look forward to hearing all of your presentations on Monday.

I hope that this unit has encouraged you to consider art and poetry in a new way, and has offered you an opportunity to explore and learn about some things that you have not explored before. Please comment on this post with things you liked or did not like about this unit. For extra credit, use at least two vocab words or discuss one skill in your response.

For review:

     Unit skills:

-I CAN identify and analyze features of art and poetry
-I CAN connect an artist’s life to their work
-I CAN analyze themes
-I CAN annotate poems to discover the hidden meanings

     Unit vocabulary:

-point of view


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