Monster Test

Friday, we’ll be taking a unit test on the novel Monster. The novel has been an exciting ride, and I think we have all enjoyed hearing Steve’s story in prison and through his trial. I highly recommend reviewing all notes that we took and all of the worksheets that we completed on the novel, as well as using some online resources that might remind you of some of the elements of the novel. For example, Quizlet, this Monster Guide, or the Testimony Quiz. This is the Jeopardy game we’ll be playing in class on Thursday. Please click the link and use it to help you review. I will also try to email out the questions we reviewed last week, which might be helpful for you to review as well. Keep an eye out for that!

We have also been spending some time working on particular skills, and it would be beneficial to reflect on your ability to:

-analyze the use of word choice to convey a specific message

-use details to support an interpretation of a text

-analyze how lines can impact character development and plot

The test will include multiple choice questions, true/false questions, short answer questions, and one extended response question involving THEME. Good luck reviewing, and good luck on the test!


Centers 1/15

Today, you’ll be taking a closer look at the technique and purpose of film and theatre. During our Centers activities, read the following article and some excerpts from Monster. If you finish any center early, work on Study Island 1/15 (due this Friday).

Forms of Drama

Today in class, we began comparing drama in theatre with reading drama and watching a film drama. We took a look at the modern film Romeo + Juliet, watched a brief scene from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s “Romeo and Juliet” and skimmed the modern text of the play (click on any version to view links). In each of these, the words are the same; however, it is the direction and the emotion that changes.

Tomorrow, we will continue to explore the differences between how we react to a live play, how we react to film, and how we react to reading. I want you to look with the eyes of a critic. The big idea is to decide what the main idea of a work of text is, and determine whether or not a film production remains true to that message. As the unit comes to a close, think about what a director’s job is, and what a reader’s job is, and in what ways the two are similar.


P.S. Tonight’s homework is to complete the grammar activity.

Romeo and Juliet Assignment

Hey all!

Tonight, you’re reading one of the most iconic scenes from one of the most iconic plays of all time – act 2 scene 2 of “Romeo and Juliet.” Below is the link to the “No Fear Shakespeare” on Use this link to access the original text as well as the modern text. Read the first three pages. Read only the right hand side to get the modern text!!! Don’t forget to answer the questions handed out in class today.

“No Fear Shakespeare” “Romeo and Juliet”