Quoting and Tomorrow’s Essay Test

As you may or may not know, effective teaching is a practice in reflection. According to an article by the National Association of Educators of Young Children, an effective teacher “studies data to inform instruction.” This means that a good teacher looks at how students perform on a particular skill, and makes decisions from that data. Because of this, I’ve decided to change tomorrow’s essay test. Instead of relying on quotes in the essay, I will ask you just to recall specific details, so that people aren’t getting stressed out over quotes. The reason is that, after going back through some of our assignments, I realize that many people still need work with quoting.

This is also a reminder that, if you notice that you in particular are struggling with a particular topic, it is ALWAYS okay to email or visit me to ask about it or get additional help. My tutoring days are MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY (at request).

See you tomorrow!


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