Extra Credit!

Today, as many of you know already, is Veteran’s Day. I just want to remind you all that freedom isn’t free, however cliche that might sound, and to thank someone who has served your country. In the United States, military service is totally voluntary, and is 100% paid. While it is arguable that the job is underpaid and many people don’t get all the benefits that they deserve, the brave people who serve the United States make salary and get vacation time, much like other jobs. This is not the case in every country. A few people pay a great price so that the rest of us can feel safe and comfortable.

That being said, our topic for this unit has been setting, and the impact it can make on people and their lives. For extra credit, do a little research to find a country where military service is mandatory. Write a brief paragraph about what life would be like to live in one of those countries. This is also good practice for your fictional narrative!

Thank you to those who have served. Happy Veteran’s Day!


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