To Kill A Mockingbird

Hey all!

I hope that we are using this weekend to catch up on our reading. I have been truly disappointed to see the number of people who have neglected (ignored) their reading so far. This choice is severely impacting your grades, and will cause you to fail my class should it continue. Those of you who have been reading, I hope that you are using resources such as the audiobook on youtube, and These things will help you check your comprehension. I know that there are also a number of words here that you may be unfamiliar with, so I always highly recommend using Learner’s Dictionary to research the meaning of those words as you read.

This weekend you have some sporadic (random) pages to read, so read carefully! In the beige book, the pages are 79-86; 94-96; and 99-101. In the purple book, the pages are 59-65; 71-72; and 74-76. Please email me with any questions.

I look forward to discussing the events of this weekend’s reading with all of you!



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