Nonfiction And Me

Hey all,

I have been doing a lot of thinking this weekend about nonfiction and I realized how important it is to our society today. Even fiction mediums try to look like nonfiction! Think about shows such as “Teen Mom,” or “Catfish,” on MTV, or “Gold Rush,” on Discovery Channel. We are totally surrounded by documentaries! Even fiction shows and movies want to look nonfiction now. Think about Paranormal Activity. That is a great example of a totally fiction source that wants to look nonfiction.

I will offer two points in extra credit to anyone who brings and puts into the bin THIS WEEK (10/7-10/11) an answer to this question: why would fiction try to make itself look like nonfiction? You can use Paranormal Activity as an example, or if you can think of any other fake documentaries, you may use them as examples to support your answer.

One last comment about nonfiction — twitter interviews are really interesting, but very difficult to read. That will (time permitting) be a topic for discussion in class this week. In the meantime, check out this twitter interview of Paul McCartney from The Beatles (maybe show your parents or grandparents, who might know The Beatles):

What does Paul McCartney listen to? Here’s your answer.

Don’t forget to bring one ACTUAL nonfiction source to class tomorrow to start working on your projects! Have a beautiful Sunday.


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