Senory Details

Happy Sunday 8th Grade Students!

I’m looking forward to this week, finishing up essays and the writing process, publishing our class anthologies, and especially reflecting on our first unit. I was really impressed with almost all of your outlines and I can’t wait to read the final drafts of your essays on your special skills. I have learned so much about all of you!

I am in the middle of writing my draft right now, and it is not easy because I left some of my notes at school! Even teachers make mistakes sometimes. I’m having a hard time remembering some of the changes I made, and it’s almost like starting my essay all over :/ Hopefully you all remembered your notes and are having an easy time turning your outline (bullet points and ideas) into full, developed paragraphs.

Tuesday is going to be all about sensory details. Bring your appetite, because taste is one sense that will definitely be pleased by Tuesday’s activity šŸ™‚


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