Unit 1 Begins!

Hey all!

So I hope everyone had a good time today. I certainly did! I just want to let you know that we are already falling behind on our unit…yuck! But this is going to happen, as learning is a fluid process that changes every day, and I never know what to expect from you guys, especially as I get to know you. I just want to update you on tomorrow’s plans, as they differ slightly from the calendar:

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th, we will go over the rubric for the essay, we will talk about SMART goals and unit goals in 8B and 8C, and we will be talking about how to write an outline, and we will go over some personal essays. You will be responsible for outlining your essay tomorrow night for homework. If you are already familiar with outlines, it is not a bad idea to bring some notes or examples to class tomorrow.

Remember, an essay is an exploration, so try to find out more about yourself through this experience!


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