I hope you all enjoyed today’s video clip from the show Face Off! I really enjoyed exploring the artistic process with you guys, and I look forward to our unit coming up in December on Artists and Authors. I am very proud of all you have done so far, and hope we can continue to have fun all year!



Hey all,

A quick reminder on the structure of outlines, which we will use several times throughout the year (again, not a skill that will go away!):

A. Introduction

1. Detail

2. Detail

3. Detail

B. Second Paragraph

1. Detail

2. Detail


Remember, outlines can be used to start writing, or to organize reading. We will get into more detail with our next experience with outlines. For now, get some good ideas down about your special skill, as we will start (and maybe finish) drafting tomorrow! On THURSDAY, 8/29, you will be completing your first draft due FRIDAY 8/30, which I will then work with you to revise. We may or may not write second drafts before the final draft, depending on how things go for the rest of the week. I will definitely keep you updated. Remember, learning is a fluid process that sometimes changes when we need it to.

Unit 1 Begins!

Hey all!

So I hope everyone had a good time today. I certainly did! I just want to let you know that we are already falling behind on our unit…yuck! But this is going to happen, as learning is a fluid process that changes every day, and I never know what to expect from you guys, especially as I get to know you. I just want to update you on tomorrow’s plans, as they differ slightly from the calendar:

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th, we will go over the rubric for the essay, we will talk about SMART goals and unit goals in 8B and 8C, and we will be talking about how to write an outline, and we will go over some personal essays. You will be responsible for outlining your essay tomorrow night for homework. If you are already familiar with outlines, it is not a bad idea to bring some notes or examples to class tomorrow.

Remember, an essay is an exploration, so try to find out more about yourself through this experience!

Weekend Warriors!

Hey 8th grade students/parents! Just a quick reminder that you will need for tomorrow:

-your 3-ring binder of any size

-your 5 dividers labeled according to the contract

-your 3-subject notebook

-your library card

-your independent reading book

-a smile and a good attitude!

I look forward to really getting into this year with you! Our first unit will be a writing project in which we explore our special talents through personal essays. To get a sneak peek at some of the personal essays we’ll be exploring, check out a series of essays called “This I Believe.” Otherwise, be ready to share what makes you awesome!

Summer Project Wrap-up and Start of the Year

Hello 8th grade students and parents/guardians!

First of all, I want to compliment all of you on the amazing job you’ve been doing, and to thank you for the time we’ve had so far this year. It has been a great two days, and I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow to talk about diversity in the classroom (you might be surprised by what that means!). I also can’t wait for the big project due tomorrow! I know that there was lots of confusion, because this was the first time we’re doing this project and all, but I am very excited to see what turns out. Don’t forget to email me ASAP with any issues you’re having. Have a great night, and I hope to see you bright and ready to go tomorrow!